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    A Secret Guide To Finding The Perfect Christmas Gift

    Christmas is fast approaching. It will be once again the most beautiful time of the year where we give love and cherish the company of family and friends. Of course, gifts are never absent in this joyous season.

    During this holiday, people are busy shopping and wrapping presents. But still, some people find it difficult to look for the perfect Christmas gift.

    Now, let us give you a secret guide on how to find the perfect Christmas gift:

    Recall Your Memorable Moments

    Reminisce some of the most unforgettable events and happenings that you and your receiver have shared for the past years. Give her a gift that would remind you of your memorable moments. This thing shall constantly remind him/her of you.


    Secretly ask your receiver’s friends or families about what your receiver wants for Christmas. You can also visit his/her social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You may find there some clues or ideas for your gift.

    Check Needs and Likes

    As a family or friend, you should be aware of your receiver’s likes, interests, and needs. These will be your sources of ideas for the gift to buy. Probably, your receiver has lost his/her phone last month, or your receiver is a super big fan of makeup.


    Make sure that you always include “you” in your gift. You can personally make the gift, or you can write messages in personalized cards and letters. Personalized gifts are more special because your receiver will know that you took extra effort to provide the gift, which makes your receiver extra special as well.

    Add Some Twist

    The goal is to surprise! One way to surprise your receiver is to ADD something that he/she hates, dislikes or does not expect. If you know your friend hates frog, include photos of frogs. Or you may include a letter of your receiver’s crush. But remember, know your limits in adding twists.

    Make It A Total Package

    The real perfection is found inside and out. If you exert a lot of effort in finding the gift, you also have to be creative and grand in wrapping the gift. Make sure it is a total package for it to be super special. Perfect!