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    How To Make A Personalized Christmas Hamper

    ristmas is so close. We can already feel the Christmas breeze. We can hear Christmas music in streets and see plenty of items on sale. Most people already start to buy and wrap gifts.

    Christmas is never Christmas without those gifts. Some people are having a hard time choosing the best gift for their family and friends. Of course, we wanted to make our gifts more personal. Thus, Christmas hampers have emerged in stores and online shops as a thoughtful gift to give. You can buy pre-made Christmas hampers with chocolates, wines, crafts and other items. These are perfect choices for a perfect gift.

    However, Christmas hampers that we made up ourselves are more special and more personal than the pre-made ones. Of course, you can make your own Christmas hampers!

    Here are the 8 things that you need to consider in making your own Christmas hampers:


    Think about the person who will be the receiver of the Christmas hamper. Think about your receiver’s likes, interests, needs and wants. These will give you ideas of what to include in the Christmas hamper.


    Decide on a theme that would be best for your receiver. The theme of the hamper makes it more personal for the receiver. If he/she likes sports, create a sports-themed hamper, or if he/she loves music, add a little musical flavor on your Christmas hamper.


    Decide on your budget for the Christmas hamper. Your budget will tell you what to put in the Christmas hamper. If your budget is minimal, there are frugal ways on how to create Christmas hamper. This includes homemade goodies and crafts.



    The most common contents of Christmas hamper are gourmets. However, you should always consider the likes of your receiver. General contents include chocolates and wines. But you can make it more personal by making crafts or writing personalized letters and cards.


    Usually, the hamper container is a basket. But do not stress yourself with the container. You can choose a container that is already available in your house. This includes bakeware, crockery, mugs, glasses, serving trays and shoe boxes, among others.


    The fillers will serve as a decoration in your gift hamper. Pre-made hampers are commonly filled with scrunched up paper. But you can be more creative by filling small candies, or marbles, or anything that can fill in the gaps and spaces between your content.


    Your hamper presentation involves the arrangement of items. Ideally, place the larger items in the center and surround them with small items. You have to be unique and neat in presenting the hamper. The goal is to make the Christmas hamper look full. Add some Christmas-themed decors or designs to make the hamper festive.


    In wrapping Christmas hampers, a clear plastic cellophane is commonly used so that the receiver can see what’s inside of the hamper. Include ribbon finishes to make it look like a gift. Of course, do not forget the card with your Christmas greetings.