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    9 Easy Tricks To Make Your Kids’ Christmas Magical

    Aside from adults, the most excited for Christmas are the children. It’s the perfect season where they can ‘demand’ a gift from their parents. Apart from the dozens of gifts they receive, they also get the chance to enjoy a lot of Christmas games and parties with friends and families.

    But the season does not end there. There are much more ways to make Christmas extra special for our children.

    Here are 9 tricks to make your kid’s Christmas celebration magical:

    Watch A Christmas Movie Each Day

    Have time to watch at least one Christmas movie per day with your children. The perfect Christmas movie is something that will introduce to them Santa Claus. This includes “A Christmas Story”, “A Christmas Carol”, and many others.

    Decorate The Christmas Tree

    Ask your children to decorate your Christmas tree. Tell them that the Christmas tree attracts Santa Claus. It is also a perfect place for Santa to hide whenever your children may peek during the eve of Christmas.

    Write A Letter For Santa

    Tell your children to write a letter to Santa which includes their wishes for Christmas. After writing the letter, place it inside an envelope and make them believe that you already sent it to the North Pole.

    Create A Magic Key

    For those houses without a chimney, ask your children to create a magic key that will allow Santa to safely enter your house. Make your children design the key. Once done, place it outside your home, near the main door.

    Sprinkle The Reindeer Dust

    Sometimes, Santa can be a little forgetful. Create a magic reindeer

    dust out of anything – sugar, oats, and glitters. Then ask your children to sprinkle the magic mixture around your house. This will help the reindeer locate your place.

    Make A Sleigh Runway

    Apart from the reindeer dust, make it easy for Santa to land on your place by creating a runway for Santa’s sleigh. On the runway, put some lanterns or Christmas lights that will lit the runway.

    Hang The Stockings

    Buy some Christmas stockings or your children’s old socks will do. Ask them to hang the stockings on the chimney or the windows. Make them believe that Santa will put a lot of chocolates and candies inside the stockings. Remember, this is your duty, not Santa’s.

    Jingle The Bells

    After Christmas Eve celebration, make sure your children go to bed early. While they are asleep, gently jingle the bells. Chances are they will be awake and will hear the bells. Through this, they will be convinced that Santa paid a visit to your home.

    Leave Food For Santa

    Together with your kids, prepare a food for Santa and the reindeer. Leave it on the table in your living room or anywhere near the Christmas tree. The next morning, make sure that you take all the food, probably, leaving one piece. Make sure your children discover first that Santa ate the food that you prepared. With this, they will be convinced that Santa landed his foot in your house.

    What other Christmas tricks do you know? Let us know.